It is no secret that as women physicians, we play many roles, physician, mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law etc. We are great at multi-tasking, but one person that often gets forgotten in this race is ourselves. We would love to meet the physicians who refer to us face to face, find time to pick up a practice tip that would perhaps make our day more efficient, or a financial tip that we perhaps have never had time to think about it and would lead us to a more secure future. Our meetings consist of a very efficient 2 hours filled with networking opportunity, high powered speakers that give us the concise version of a topic we benefit from (past speakers from New York Life, Ambry Genetics, Merrill Lynch Wealth Planning) all in the setting of a nice dinner.

Our Team

PRESIDENT 2014 – Current
Brenda Moorthy is a Breast Surgeon in Peoria, AZ.

CO-PRESIDENT 2014 – Current
Smitha Kapoor is an Internist in Central Phoenix.

VICE PRESIDENT 2014 – Current
Navjot Rakkar is an Intern in Surprise, Arizona.

SECRETARY 2014 – Current
Rekha Agarwal is an Endocrinologist with Banner Medical Group.

TREASURER 2016 – Current
Gurvinder Sodhi is a Psychiatrist in Peoria, AZ.

Simrat Kaur is an Internist with Honor Health Medical Group.